Ask Dr. Hedaya Open Forum Conference Call

Ask Dr. Hedaya Open Forum Conference Call

Workshop Date:

July 7, 2010

Workshop Type:

Workshops by Phone

General Topics:

Children & Family, Diet & Nutrition, Digestive, Emotional Problems, Exercise, Hormones, Medication, Memory, Sleep & Energy, Stress, Toxins, Vitamins & Supplements, Weight Loss or Gain

Curious about a medical issue or condition? Want to know more about a particular medication, psychological issue, or nutritional supplement, etc.? Here is your chance to Ask Dr. Hedaya your general medical questions anonymously.

(Please Note: The call is educational in nature, not meant as a substitute for a private doctor-patient call. He will not diagnose, prescribe, or make treatment decisions on this call.)

Dr. Hedaya, a respected thought leader in medicine who enjoys learning and sharing the latest medical research, will do his best to answer questions. If it’s not a question he can answer, he will tell you so.

General medical questions can be something you’re confused about, know nothing about, or want to learn more about. Following are sample topics and questions that would qualify as general medical questions:

Sample Topics:

A medical condition, medication, supplements, psychology, spirituality, chronic illness, a conflict, etc.

Sample Questions:

What is the best way to treat ADD?

My wife is sad. How can I know if she needs treatment for her depression?

My daughter seems to be losing weight. How can I know if she has an eating disorder?

What’s the difference between the different types of Vitamin D?

Does believing in a higher power help to heal a person’s medical condition?

My spouse and I argue over his alcohol intake. How do I know if he’s an alcoholic?

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